Presentation Skills 101 – Three Tips for Using PowerPoint Effectively

PowerPoint presentations may be the curse of our age, while it can be an effective tool for backing up your talk all too often it becomes an ugly distraction from what you are going to say. The best presenters always remember their audience is there to listen to them and not watch a slideshow. Here are three simple tips for making sure your audience is with you and not flinching at your visuals.

Keep the Slides to a Minimum

The first key is to make sure you aren’t overdoing the visual information, if your audience has to keep up with an endless procession of slides they simply cannot concentrate on what you are saying. You should have no more than one slide for every 5 minutes you speak, excluding the cover page and the thank you/goodbye page. More than that and you won’t be the focus of attention and your message will be lost.

Keep Content to a Minimum

Let’s be blunt about this, your visuals should be visual. That means get rid of any unnecessary wording, and at most if you want to include words you should have no more than seven bullet points on a slide and no more than seven words per bullet point. The objective is to highlight key content, not to replicate your speech, if you really feel you need to churn out the whole content of your talk – then create handouts and don’t give them to people until you’ve finished speaking. The more you write down, the more your audience will be reading and not listening.

Wherever possible make sure your visuals are pictorial instead, use graphs, pie charts, pictures, flow diagrams, to enhance your points and reveal key data and trends. Audiences can then relate to your speech, which should explain what they see and add to it.

Lose the Effects

Yes, you can do amazing things with PowerPoint – graphics can swoop onto the screen, slide onto it, bounce, etc. and yet none of this adds any value to your talk at all. If you really must use effects, then be consistent, only use one and use it all the way through. It’s always better not to use them at all though, they are distracting and in the long run a huge source (of unintended) mirth for the audience.

Making a presentation can be nerve wracking enough without spending forever developing an all encompassing PowerPoint display which only detracts from your talk, keep it simple by following these three rules and you’ll always be better received.

Credit Card Debt Negotiation – The Process Simplified

When you are in conducting a credit card debt negotiation, its important to know that you are negotiating for a position of strength. The Credit card companies don’t want you to default. They make their money by receiving consistent payments from you. Payments that can go on for years and years.

You are the one in control. You have something that they want to get from you, your payment. If your polite, professional and firm, you will get what you want.

This is a serious situation. They do have the ability to instigate legal action. This is unlikely on smaller balances, but is always a possibility. I have seen balances as high as 15,000 dollars end up being charged off without legal action. I have also seen balances as low as $500 go to court after just a few calls. But even court action is a fairly slow process, and you have time to react and negotiate the debt before the court date.

First, you need to make sure that you communicate by mail. Don’t give the collector a “no way out” situation by telling them to never contact you again. You have them backed them into a corner where they have little recourse but legal action. Credit card debt negotiation involves a level of compromise.

Instead, tell them they can contact you only by mail. And that they can never contact you at work. You will need to draft a letter to this effect and send it to them by registered mail, return receipt. In fact, all future communication with the collector will be by registered mail. And you always want to make sure you have a file of the delivery receipts and a copy of the letter available so that they can’t dispute that it was mailed, and that they received it.

The problem with phone calls is that when you are involved in credit card debt negotiation, you need to have verification. If it wasn’t written, it wasn’t done because you have no way to prove it if you end up in court.

Begin your credit card debt negotiation at 20-25% of the original debt amount. The collection agency may have added on fees and charges that you should not include in the settlement amount. These fees just amount to the collection agency trying to make more money, and have nothing to do with the debt to be settled.

Since on the “secondary market” debt is traded at literally a few cents on the dollar, the collection agency is making plenty of money, even if they end up settling at 30 or 40% of the original debt.

Don’t sound to eager to settle. Be calm and collected. Don’t get angry, don’t show hesitation. One thing I really want to add is NEVER let them know that you have some specific reason for settling the debt. Many people make an effort to settle before applying for a home loan for instance. This information is none of the collectors business. If they find out that the reason you want to settle is so that you can buy a house, you will never get a settlement.

So, in review.

1. Never talk to a collector on the phone. Always use registered mail with a return delivery receipt.

2. Start your negotiation at 20 – 25% of the original loan amount.

3. Don’t include the collection agencies add on fees as a part of your credit card debt negotiation.

4. Be calm, educate yourself to the process so that you can speak from a position of knowledge.

Just be patient. And make a good deal. Soon, this will all be behind you. Your credit card debt negotiation means you can get on with your life.

Blessings Are Ever Present In Our Lives

Good God to you all on this Blessed day. I Bless you and I love you. I love you. I love you.

I Bless you. I Bless you. I Bless you.

Blessings are ever present in our lives. Have you taken a good look around you lately? Truly take a clear good look around. Starting with the place we inhabit, moving to all the comfortable things provided for us, looking into our children’s eyes, our loved ones and beyond. Blessings are ever present. Right where I am and Right where you are.
Let us put our nagging, expectations, lacks, self-pity, confusion, jealousy, gossips and complaints in a Box Right Now so that we can truly recognize our Blessings.

Oh, don’t worry all these blockages that you put in the Box are available for you any time you have the urge to take them out and use them to create chaos within and without. You are in charge.

Go ahead take a Deep Cleansing Breath Right Now and again notice if you are willing to let go of these unwanted and weakening energies into the Box if you haven’t already.

Some of you may be thinking “What is she talking about? How can I get rid of all these thoughts and emotions just like that? It is impossible.”

Please remember: “With our Willingness everything is Possible”.

As we have chosen to create these thoughts and energies we can decide to put them aside and dump the old energy to start a new.

Some of us are so used to living with all these heavy energies it seems absurd to let them go. It is fabulous in realizing that this way of living is living in Darkness. Awaken to what IS provided for you, me and all.

Let go Right Now of the pain and suffering in your mind. Create something valuable with your mind. You deserve to live with the unconditional truth within your own being.

I Bless you to realize and awaken to all the Blessings within you and all around you starting with the closest people to you.

Now that you have let go of the unwanted thoughts, emotions and beliefs in your mind, I want to thank you for taking this time in doing so. If you haven’t already done so I am sure at some point today you will. Knowing that you have the Power within to do so. Always know this truth as children of the Universe we have choice. Let us make decisions and choices that are beneficial to us.

Look, we all can use this Power to destroy ourselves and others. There is nothing special about this action. What is special is to realize and recognize the Power within and use it in a very Positive way. Those whom use their God given powers to enhance their own lives and the lives of others are aligned with the Universe. So for your own sake and the sake of all the wonderful people you love and care for in your life move into action Right Now by looking closely to all the Blessings in your life and notice how your energy will be uplifted by this truth.

Your energy rising Right Now as you choose to be aware of all of your Blessings. An opening taking place within you. You are being Inspired by your own being and the Presence of God in your life as yourself and everything provided for you. This is absolutely Amazing.

We are so loved and so cared for by the Universe. Thank you Universe for all you have given us and we are grateful for all of our Blessings. And so it is.

I am grateful for your presence as my Soul brothers and sisters here to love and support each other. I thank God for you and I Bless you and your life. And so it is. Amen. I love you. I love you. I love you.
Please feel free to share these Insights with your friends, family, co-workers, enemies and anyone whom you just run into to create Oneness.

May the love, light and blessings of God and the Universe surround, protect and heal you, your loved ones and the planet earth.

With Love, Gratitude and Respect,
Michelle Morovaty Truly,
With God All Things Are Possible

© Copyright 2007 Spirituality Inside and Out, LLC

ABOUT MICHELLE Michelle Morovaty is an Intuitive Spiritual Teacher and Healer. She has healed herself from many challenges including Lupus CNS, a car accident and divorce. She uses her intuition and universal guidance to assist people through the healing process.